20x65x65 Race and health fair

August 11, 2018 7:30am

Jackson, MS at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame

Mississippi Community Health Centers (MS-CHCs), present the 65 x 65 Obesity Challenge. We recognize obesity as an epidemic in Mississippi that contributes to the chronic health conditions resulting in decreased lifestyle mobility and increased health care costs. MS-CHCs are taking a long-term approach to reduce weight and increase healthy lifestyles by launching an initiative to move 65,000 Mississippians out of obesity by 2065.

The 65 x 65 Obesity Challenge is not only open to current community health center patients; we intend for this campaign to reach all Mississippians. MS-CHCs not only provide primary health care to underserved populations; but also, those without health insurance, Medicare/Medicaid and private health insurance can find all the primary health care services necessary to maintain health and wellness.

20x65x65 Race- One Step Forward, Two Bites Less – August 11, 2018

The 20x65x65 Race – One Step Forward, Two Bites Less is a multi-city race and health fair to kick off National Health Center Week. The 20x65x65 feature race is being held at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame in Jackson, MS with race distances of 5k and 10k in support of the 3 Metro Area community health centers.

At the same time as the feature race, up to 15 other 5k races are being held throughout Mississippi at community health centers, making this the largest one-day multi-5k race of its kind. Find a race near you!

Our Mission

If residents of all counties in Mississippi had the same opportunities for health, there could be:
65,000 fewer adults who are obese by 2065
How do we reach 65,000 adults by 2065?

Because of MS-CHC’s primary care providers’ close relationship to patients, they can act as a catalyst to help people become more active through physical activity counseling. MS-CHCs are value-based primary care homes who provide care to over 280,000 patients within 187 sites throughout Mississippi’s underserved communities. It is not surprising that in communities where healthcare services are underserved, there are major gaps in access to healthy food choices and adequate facilities for physical activity. MPHCA is launching an initiative to move 65,000 Mississippians out of obesity by 2065. The three parts of the initiative are: Education and Awareness (Association level), Overweight/Obesity Primary Care (MS-CHC level), and the 65x65 Challenge (Patient level).


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